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LEOPARD & SILKIE (age 4-8)
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Book description:
Baby seals can swim soon after they are born, but they also need to rest on shore. How can they stay safe if the beach is full of dogs and people?

This adaptation of the picture book Leopard & Silkie is just right for new readers who love animals. (Release date June 18, 2013)

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Leopard and Silkie nominated for Beverly Cleary Children's Choice Award for best children's book 2014-2014

Leopard and Silkie named a 2013 Outstanding Science Trade Books K-12"
                ~ National Science Teachers Association (
see the list of winning books)

"Although photos of the adorable seal pups steal this nicely designed picture book, kids will likely find Miles - someone who is much like them - to be inspiring, and his efforts may spark an interest in animal rights."   ~ Booklist

"It's a delight of a book that also delivers plenty of information about the seals and their lives in the Salish Sea in a very readable, kid-friendly page turner."
                                                                       ~ Lynda Mapes, Seattle Times (
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"Young animal lovers will return again and again to this picture book… [a] compassionate story. Young readers will find plenty to pore over in Robin Lindsey's close-up photographs of the shore life and plenty to think about how they could make a difference as a volunteer."                                                                                          ~ Sacramento Bee (
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"Lindsey's excellent photographs show why humans just can't stay away: Leopard's large, dark eyes and expressive mug seem to be smiling right at the viewer, and his furry, floppy body just calls out for a hug."    ~ Horn Book Magazine

"Vivid and compelling, Leopard and Silkie reads like poetry and will win life-long friends for seals."
                ~ Sy Montgomery, author of the award-winning children's series, Scientists in the Field

"Use this book to show a program in which children are actively involved and to encourage volunteerism."
               ~ School Library Journal
Please consider
making a donation to benefit Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding Network (SSMMSN) to offset the non-profit's many on-going costs. Seal Sitters receives no government or state funding for our work. In 2011, Seal Sitters was the recipient of a generous Penny Harvest award from a local elementary school. The funding paid for almost a year's phone bill for our dedicated hotline. In addition to the hotline which handles reports of marine mammals in South Puget Sound, volunteers distribute educational materials on the beach, maintain a website and our blubberblog (for what's happening on the beach) and need construction cones, stakes, tape and training materials. By making a donation, you will be helping to protect seal pups like Leopard and Silkie. To learn more about how you can help Seal Sitters MMSN and harbor seals, please visit the website for volunteer opportunities and to make a donation.

June 6, 2014 Barnes and Noble Books, West Seattle, Washington. 5-7 pm
Brenda Peterson will read from Leopard and Silkie and her young adult novel, The Drowning World
NPR "Living on Earth." Leopard and Silkie is currently featured on LOE's website along with an interview with author Brenda Peterson and young Seal Sitter, Etienne. Listen here.

Author Brenda Peterson was recently featured on Portland TV station KATU's AM Portland. The interview centered around the book Leopard and Silkie, as well as the activities of Seal Sitters volunteers and how to protect vulnerable seal pups. Watch the "Saving Young Seals" segment here.

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